Our mission is to bring people closer to Christ, and to have a personal relationship with God and a life lived in the power of the Holy Spirit. Proclaiming Jesus as our Lord and savior.

Our vision is to become a community that would foster spiritual and personal growth as a Christian, and would cultivate relationships among the members as committed brothers and sisters in Christ.

The name CADA was originally coined from the Filipino word 'barkada', which means a person's close friends. It was introduced as our mailing list name on 1998, and it stood for Christians in Ann Arbor and Detroit Area. Now, we have redefined its meaning to truly identify ourselves as to who we are, to better describe what we are doing and what our mission is all about, and that is, to become Christ's Ardent Disciples in Action.

As of August 2011, CADA is officially a non-profit (501-c-3) organization. Our community is steadily growing mostly composed of Filipinos, both married and singles alike. The children in our community are growing in numbers and age as well!

CADA holds a prayer meeting gathering twice a month. This is where we gather as a community to give praise and worship to our God. This is where we receive God’s message to us and where we lift up to God our concerns and petitions. This is where we receive Christian teachings, pray over one another and hear testimonies of how God is working in the lives of our brothers and sisters in a personal way. This is where the children of the community gather together and learn about Jesus too. We are not a church.

To strengthen more our relationship with one another, we also gather as a community for fellowship and fun. We gather to celebrate Christmas, Easter, CADA anniversary and our annual summer family day. We also hold annual men’s fellowship and women’s fellowship. But our commitment and friendship do not end there, in CADA we gather to celebrate life’s important events and most of all give support and help to brothers and sisters in need.

As we are called to be a community of disciples in mission, CADA also joins activities and outreach of other communities such as Word of Life, Sword of the Spirit, Joy of the Lord, Detroit Community Outreach (DCO) and St. Priscilla Catholic Church.

If you are interested for more information please contact us at cada.group@gmail.com or simply leave a message at the "Contact Us" section of this site.